What Customers Say

  • Yesterday I came here for eyelash extensions. I gotta say I’m impressed with the service and the quality of my extensions! They have 4 different options for eyelash extensions (single, double, triple, mink lash) to meet your preference. However I chose the natural one to make my ‘wakeup like this’ moment look. Coz I don’t wear make up everyday if you know what I mean. So yes, that’s my brief review about this place. Can’t wait to get back here to do my nails because they have 800 colors and talented nail artist whom I’ve heard amazing review about.

  • Yesterday I was having a hand spa treatment at @orlymiin. It’s not like a regular classic manicure service. They included more steps such as scrubbing hands and applying lotion. It leaves you not only clean and fresh nails but also keeping your hands moisturized.

  • Having my first time ever nail extensionS @orlymiin makes me realize that life is just like nails. They grow longer but then you have to cut them when they grow too long, just like we have to cut things out of our life when they are unnecessary. By the way , this beautiful nail shop is Korean Owned and located on 4th level of Plaza Indonesia! They do have eyebrow embroidery and eyelash extension too!

  • It’s always great to have a great mascara that makes your lashes look thick and full. But it would be even greater to have an eyelash extensions. That’s a definite must have. Keep calm and get some eyelash extensions. Couldn’t love my new eyelashes more!! Thank you @Orlymiin for these eyelash extension!

  • A girl without beautiful nail is like a night without stars. Beautifying yours like mine! Only at @Orlymiin Plaza Indonesia.

  • I need to give you an updated review about eyelash extensions I did here at @orlymiin before I went to Bali. I must tell you, I'm impressed with the quality of the lashes. Aku di Bali berenang hampir setiap hari ditambah snorkeling juga dan sampai sekarang masih lumayan banyak bulu matanya. Padahal biasanya extension kalo kena air laut bubar jalan harapanku pupus di landa ombak. Aaaaahh! Super happy! Highly recommended guys!

  • I went to @orlymiin to get my lashes done last weekend dan hasilnya ternyata bagus banget, natural terus ga berasa pake eyelash extensionS (they use mink lashes). I've tried several salons to get my lashes done and I have to admit that this salon is my favorite one, I'll definitely come back and try other services.

    “Gabriella Olivia”
  • If you follow me on snapchat, you oughta know that I did eyelash extensions couple days ago. Bedanya di @orlymiin bulumata extensions maupun aslinya ngga rontok at all selama dua hari ini. Well that's a good sign, sebelumnya pernah extension juga tapi hari pertama udah mulai copot-copot.. mungkin kurang cocok di aku, rontook deh! Thanks @orlymiin I'll definitely come back to try your nail treatments!

    “Astrid Satwika”
  • Visit one of my favorite beauty lounge @orlymiin. Today I come to retouch my eyebrow embroidery. As always, I got warm welcome and great services from all staffs. I recommended @orlymiin for you who love enjoying premium beauty treatments. Let’s visit them in Plaza Indonesia, Beauty Floor, Jakarta-Indonesia.

    “Cathrine Zie”
  • My first Korean Eyelash Extensions by @Orlymiin Beauty Lounge, Plaza Indonesia. They have head to toe treatment with professional beautician, check em out!

  • Just got eyelash extensions yesterday from @orlymiin Go check them out! The service is amazing. Their beautician is super friendly! Enjoyed it every minute. Thank you @orlymiin.

    “B E L L A”